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Sugarcane is one of the most vital crops of Pakistan. The country ranks as the 5th largest producer of sugarcane in the world. The productivity of sugarcane is significantly lower (46T/Ha) as compared to the other main producers in the region (60-70T/Ha). Sugarcane crop has to coup up with multiple pests, weeds, insects and fungal diseases. Each of these challenges requires vigilant monitoring, balanced and timely application of fertilizers and pesticides.
Keeping in view, the challenges faced by sugar industry and the farmers, in 2015, Green revolution joined hands with Pakistan's Leading Sugar Mills, and introduced a new concept of opening GR's "Agri Revolution Center" within the sugar mills premises, starting from the new sowing techniques, to provide quality products including innovative fertilizers, effective pesticides, soil amendments, and implements at an economical price. The hallmark of this initiative is extensive services by the highly trained field force.
Green revolution is the first and the only company to successfully demonstrate innovate sowing methods like ring pit sowing, bud chip nursery and raised bed nursery. These innovative methods of sowing and seed propagation hold the promise of more than doubling the production of healthy cane within the gate area of the mills.

CBU ARC Business Model (Products available at company controlled price, at cash and or against the CPR)

Green Revolution by its extensive study and research, found that in many instances, the farmer understands the importance of the balanced use of fertilizers as well as the timely use of pesticides, but due to the shortage of capital, are handicapped when it comes to implementation. Hence, capital inadequacy adversely impacts the steps needed for effective input application for sugar cane crop nutrition and growth.
Keeping this in view, Green Revolution, formulated a model of establishing company shops where the inputs (fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) are available at significant discounts as compared to the market.
By partnering with the sugar mills, we also devised a financial model which allows the farmers to obtain products against the Cane Purchase Receipt (CPR) after getting formal approval from the cane office and therefore are able to break the vicious cycle of low inputs-low output.

Agri Revolution Centers Established…

  • Ramzan Sugar Mill Limited, Chinniot.

  • Kashmir Sugar Mills Limited, Shor Kot.

  • Ittefaq Sugar Mills Limited, Liaqat Pur.

  • Shakarganj Limited, Jhang.

  • Shakarganj Limited, Bhone.

  • Jouharabbad Sugar Mills Limited, Jouharabad.

  • Hunza Sugar mills Limited, Chak Jumrah Shah Kot.

  • Popular Sugar Mills Limited, Sargodha.

Agri revolution Centers in Pipeline…

  • Noon Sugar Mills Limited, Bhalwal.

  • Siraj Sugar Mills Limited, 18 Hazari Jhang.

  • Safina Sugar Mills Limited, Lalian, Sargodha.

  • Hussain Sugar Mills Limited, Jaran Wala.

Innovative Sowing Methods

GR is the only company working on Ring Pit Planting of sugarcane. This method of planting gives 2-3 times more yield and has the potential to produce 7 to 10 ratoons as compared to conventional row to row sowing. In this technique, more number of seed sets are planted in pits which encourage more mother shoots to grow with minimum tillers. The localized and concentrated application of fertilizers in the vicinity of roots is another crucial factor resulting in huge increase in production. In addition, proper spacing among pits allow more air and light to penetrate for better photosynthesis which leads to higher yield and better quality of the cane. The results included higher profitability for farmers and mills due to high fertilizer and water usage efficiency, more number of ratoons, reduced lodging and quality millable cane from mother shoots with high sugar recovery. The use of entire sugar cane stack for seed production is increasing being replaced with the bud chip method. In this method the "bud" from which the shoot has to emerge is cleanly removed from the cane resulting in saving in the weight of the seed used. The bud chip method also can be used to raise the" nursery". This means that the plant starts it's life on time while the field may not be ready hence resulting in the healthy initial growth. The transplanting of bud chip nursery also results in almost 95% germination in field compared to maxim 60% germination in conventional method. The use of raised bed field nursery is also desirable in a number of locations in Pakistan. In this technology, a raised bed of soil and compost is created in the vicinity of the field and sets are grown. The idea is to grow nursery of healthy canes and then transplant them in the field.


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